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Flat Lapping Experts

Bronze Valve Seats

The Challenge:
Lap one side to achieve required flatness.

Part Specifications

Material Manganese Bronze
Previous Operation CNC Turning
Dimensions 2.685" O.D. x 1.750" I.D. x .312" H
Lapped surface consists of flange
of 2.00" O.D. x 1.75" I.D

Pre-machined Condition

Thickness .311" ~ .318"
Surface Finish 63Ra
Flatness .0005"
Parallelism .0015"
Description Valve Seat


Thickness .312" .010"
Surface Finish 32Ra
Flatness .000030"
Parallelism .003"
Notes Production Lapping replaced a hand lapping operation significantly reducing the overall project cost.

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